Couples Photoshoots

Couples photoshoots are perfect for getting an updated photo of you two, remembering a special moment in time, or documenting you in some of your favourite places. I aim for my couples photoshoots to feel like a date that I happen to be tagging along for, I love candid moments and capturing the love between both of you.

These sessions are quite popular for celebrating anniversaries, couples travelling, and those who are engaged or newly married. Couples sessions are also a great way to break the ice and get to know one another before I photograph your wedding!


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I love getting to know the couples I photograph a bit before the shoot! This is the perfect chance to let me know about you and your partner, why you're booking a couples shoot (is it just for fun, are you recently engaged or married, is it your anniversary?) if there are any additional details about what you have in mind, or share anything else that you can think of!
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