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Services & Packages

My specialty is making ideas and memorable moments come to life!


I aim to provide an enjoyable experience, high quality images, and lasting memories.

I have options for everyone, whether you’re a brand, business, individual, couple, friends, or family! Whatever your photography needs, I am open to collaborating to create unique imagery, and promise to always go the extra mile to deliver the best result.



Portrait Sessions

Rates starting at £200

This package is perfect if you want images of you, or you and others. This can be at home, in-studio, or on-location. The number of people ranges from 1 - 6, depending on the package you opt for.

Prices start at £200 for individual shoots (one person), £225 for two people and £250 for three people or more. Additional hours can be purchased as well if you require multiple locations or outfits.



Branding & Social Media Content

Rates starting at £200

This is perfect for those who require images for their social media accounts, blogs, or websites. This package can cover images such as food, drinks, style, interiors, products, artwork, or general lifestyle.

Prices vary for this depending on the project - contact me with your requirements including your budget, locations, and the type of content you’re after and we can plan something together.



Rates starting at £200

This package is for birthdays, graduations, engagements, weddings, honeymoons, baby showers, parties, anniversaries, exhibitions, workshops, or any moment or occasion in-between.

Prices vary for this depending on the event - contact me with the requirements including your budget, locations, type of event, and number of people.



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The quality of the images and the way Theodora edited them are stunning and exceeded my expectations!

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